Are you a farmer?  If the answer is yes, then you know that crop insurance is a must in order to protect your livelihood.  If a natural disaster occurs or market prices plunge out of sight, crop insurance allows you to pay your bills and stay in business. 

Crop Insurance can be purchased to cover a broad range of commodities, including farm program crops, horticultural crops, pasture and hayland, and even livestock.

The benefits of crop insurance for the farmer go well beyond the fundamental strength of loss payments to include:

  • Individualized risk protection
  • Ensures access to credit
  • Enables pre-harvest marketing plans

Blackbelt Insurors has been a crop insurance specialist since its beginning in 1981 and is one of the few agencies that provide this insurance in the Central Alabama area.  Our commitment to serving the risk management needs of Alabama and Florida farmers has been ongoing since that time. 

So many of the challenges you face as a farmer are out of your hands – things like wind, flooding, insects, tornadoes, wildlife, crop prices and interest rates. Most people face maybe one or two of these risks in their current jobs, but farmers face all of them year in and year out.

As experienced crop insurance agents, we can provide you, our farmers, with knowledge and information which can be critical to the success of your operation and your long-term survival as a farmer.